Deserving of nature's protection, on the face of it, the mysticism of the scent of vanta is displayed in the elegance and purity of its flowers, the silence and representation.

Our company, our owner, Mr. Under the leadership of Arzu Toker, it has been operating in Istanbul since 1998 in international trade, transportation and the cultivation and cultivation of sweet aromatic, the first lavender.


Our difference is that we set out with professionals for the techniques to be trained. Diyarbakir Dicle University) research project (BAP University and Bismil School within the scope of the GAP project) controls the plant, which will be planted in November 2019, as well as partners in science and genetics.


It is the world and Turkish mengus of Intermedia Bulgaria and Antifolia (“Drujba”, “Hebileina”, “Hemusedia”).

ARZULAVANTA, which is the Turkish partner in the Bulgarian Development Lavender game, is one of the owners of the excitement of woodwind with a land with a capacity of 6,000,000 pieces, a Turkish entrepreneur and farmer with 8-9 months old seedlings grown from steel.

If the kitchen material used in the pharmaceutical, food, aromatherapy and cosmetics industry will end by accelerating its production and planting, it may be easier to reach these affordable most economical products. In addition to contributing to the possibility of lavender planting to create an eco system, it will not be ignored that it contributes to our farmers and entrepreneurs who want to invest, to the landowner and to tourism in addition to the project.

Nature's magic wand We fell in love with the purple color and scent of Lavender!!